Theft Claim Process


Insurance is complementary with BMS Mob-Care Pack.

Step 1:

Call toll-free Customer Care / BMS Claims Team and report damage within 48 hours.

Step 2:

A ‘Claim Identity Number’ (CIN) will be given to the Claimant.

Step 3 :

Claimant has to intimate the Police Station about the theft and get a police intimation letter duly stamped and signed. This is to be procured within 48 hours of the incident.

Step 4:

Claimant has to block SIM card with his telecom operator and get a SIM Blocking Letter duly stamped and signed. SIM Blocking Letter to be procured within 48 hours of the incident.

Step 5:

The following documents have to be couriered to Best Mobile Services Pvt. Ltd OR Customer can bring the documents to BMS office.

• Covering Letter

• Original bill on Claimant's name

• Self-Attested photo ID proof of Claimant

• Duly stamped and signed; SIM blocking letter or email copy from Service Provider duly stamped and signed

• Insurance Claim Form

• FIR (First Information Report) to be registered within 48 hours from the incident

• Subrogation Letter/Un-Trace Report with Final Report

• Cancelled Cheque

Customer has to pay to the service center first, on the approval of the claim, customer will receive a bank cheque or claim amount will be transferred to the customer’s account.

In-case of Partial Loss, 10% depreciation will be applicable for all claims.

In case of total loss or theft, 10 of the handset value will be deducted from the total invoice value of the hand set, remaining amount will be transferred to customer’s account.

Time from the Date of Purchase
Depreciation Amount
Up-to 3 Months
10% of Invoice Value
3 to less than 6 Months
25% of Invoice Value
More than 6 Months
50% of Invoice Value

Depreciation slab can change as per discretion of insurance company subject to prior intimation to customer, details of same will be updated on application and website.

Any kind of damage due to negligence or intentional damage, the claims for the same will be rejected. In-case of total loss and theft customer needs to handover accessories and box.

In case of theft the following will not be covered :

1. Pick Pocket

2. Negligence (Example- Use in Beaches, Swimming Pool, Forgot in Taxi, Private Car, Train/Metro).

3. Not a Forceful act.

4. Intentionally Act (Thrown in Anger)

5. Cannot Recollect